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Feb 6, 2019

How to secure additional funding is a question that regularly comes up, so today's guest is going to share with us all about the importance and components of Grant Writing.

Angela Venuti Boysel is a creative fundraising consultant with over ten years of non-profit experience. She specializes in grant writing, annual fund, and membership programs as a CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive).

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome and Introduction (1:28)
  • The Importance of Grant Writing (4:02)
  • Seeking Out Opportunities (5:52)
  • The Components of Grant Writing (9:24)
  • Receiving Feedback (12:15) 
  • The Board's Role (12:50)
  • A Grant Committee (16:00)
  • Where to Start (17:50)
  • Budgeting (20:15)
  • The Impact (22:30)
  • Tracking Data and Stories (24:00)
  • Working with a Freelancer (25:05)
  • Final Questions and Wrap Up (35:20)

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