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Dec 13, 2018

Most organizations define their vision and focus through a strategic plan, but not all our organizations are good about evaluating the impact being made. Maybe we measure the number of people served or services delivered, but how do we track the overall difference we are making in our communities?

Today’s guest is passionate about building fundraising and evaluation capacity with social organizations. Amanda Wallander Roberts has helped over 60 social service organizations fundraise and evaluate programs, including raising over $23 million and developing more than 50 logic models, evaluation plans, and process maps.

During this episode, we discuss:

  • How we can track the difference we are making
  • Why evaluation plans are important
  • What a logic model is and how it’s the first step to measuring our impact

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome (1:30)
  • The Nonprofit Community (3:35)
  • How Do We Track Impact? (4:20)
  • What is a Logic Model? (7:30)
  • The Five Parts of a Logic Model (10:23)
  • Logic Models in Action (14:00)
  • Logic Model vs Strategic Plan (16:26)
  • How to Get Started (17:18 )
  • The Why (24:37)
  • Wrap Up (27:40)

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